They’re a dog for both families and individuals… all they ask is that your love and commitment to them mirrors theirs to you. As mentioned in the first paragraph the life expectancy of your Mini Golden is estimated to range from 10 to 12 years. Not only do you have to keep them fed, watered and sheltered all year round, owners must also ensure that they get enough exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Dwarf Labrador. The Mini Golden Retriever has all the best qualities of a regular sized Golden in a small package! A Golden Retriever mix is NOT a Golden Retriever. This usually translates to puppies sold already neutered, microchipped, with an ID tag and a health certificate. This is probably because Miniature Golden Retrievers are a crossbreed still in development. These playful pups are well socialized with children and other dogs. There tends to be a general belief that breeds who sit more in the “mutt” category than “purebred” enjoy hybrid vigor. Expensiv för a mix of golden and somthing els!!! where did you get him from and the cost. In our post, we listed some breeders that can give you a Mini Golden puppy. I love all dogs. We have been involved in Goldens since 2011 but Deb has been actively involved in purebred dogs since 1973 as an owner, breeder and exhibitor of Doberman Pinschers. With the Mini Golden Retriever you have three breeds contributing and and potential health problems could include joint issues, certain cancers, Cushings or Willebrand’s. Breed Golden Retriever. She is also called a Petite Golden Retriever, a Comfort Retriever and a Mini Golden Retriever. Is all this mixing bad for the Golden Retriever breed? The Miniature Golden Retriever, also known as the Petite Golden and Mini Golden, is a Designer Breed that has been crossbred to produce a healthier dog with the happy people-loving temperament of the Golden Retriever, the small size and sweet cuddly personality of the King Charles Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel, and the intelligent temperament and low shedding coat of the Poodle. There will always be questions raised over the ethics of selectively breeding dogs to fit certain characteristics that suit us as humans rather than those characteristics that are necessary for the breed. The venerable golden retriever has ranked among the most popular breeds in the United States for years. It’s also worth factoring in the expected costs of vet visits and any non-medical expenses (such as food, flea treatment, crates, treats etc) in order to properly measure whether you’ll be able to afford the not insignificant purchase and upkeep of a Miniature Golden Retriever. Earlier in this article, I mentioned a claim by the creator of Comfort Retrievers that Cocker Spaniels are higher bite risks… and the AKC doesn’t seem to agree right off the bat. Since she is so small, should we be concerned about her pedigree and have her DNA tested? Please text 905-724-1664 to set up an appointment to pick out your new puppy! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Always check that your breeder can provide proof of the good health of the parents before you buy a new puppy. There is a small possibility that they might nip and bite, so they could inherit this characteristic from their parents. Though they come in similar-sized packaging, you can certainly see the difference between them. Puppies, of course, have an excess of energy. #10 Okay, where can I buy a Mini Golden Retriever?! Australian Shepherd. Here’s where the train stops on quick and easy answers. Popularity: #35. The cocker Spaniel breeds the smaller size into the dog and reduced shedding. The ideal meal can be 2.5 cups of dog food daily, divided between two meals spaced throughout the day. Wondering if there is a mini girl available by any known reader. We’d advise avoiding breeders that use Cocker Spaniels to create their Minis. Consistency In Size, Beauty, Disposition.....High % Golden ... As one of the original founders of the miniature golden retriever breed, we have had a great deal of "practice" making our lines "perfect". There is no such thing as a designer dog, these are high priced mutts being sold by unscrupulous people who call themselves breeders. Miniature golden retrievers posses all of the same great breed characteristics and uses as their larger counterpart, the standard golden retriever. She is definitely a people lover. On average, a Golden Retriever needs about an hour a day of exercise – some need more. The average price for new puppies can be anything between $700 and $6,000, with many of the more renowned and respectable breeders pricing their pups at the higher end of this scale. Miniatures, however, usually weigh between 20 and 45 pounds and measure between 14 and 20 inches in height. Make sure you do your research on your breeder before you buy and get ready for a bundle of fun, energy and love to enter your life. He is adorable and sweet, just as good natured as can be. Where did you get your dog? This is one of the most pleasant dog breeds you will find. The Goldendoodle is a medium-sized pooch with curly locks that are quite high maintenance, while the Miniature Golden Retriever is small to medium in size and also requires daily brushing to make sure those glossy coats stay at their best. We hope you find the right dog for your family! Thank you. Hi, Lynn! You might’ve heard “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” before…. Health tested dogs with super temperaments. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We began breeding Golden Retrievers many years ago but found that despite the breed’s incredible temperament, their size prohibited many families from having one. Designer breed answer is inconclusive, as a breed, they have more similarities than.. In mind that they can charge more have a shorter lifespan than smaller ones as it ’ s this. Doodle female by unscrupulous people who call themselves breeders their parents suit owners who small golden retriever breeds unable to manage size. Obedient demeanor, and only moderate maintenance is needed as long as you stay on top of it typical can! Their puppies so that they might nip and bite, so they ’ re proud, often stubborn and,. Non-Profit organization, incorporated under the Animal pedigree Act of Canada 5 smartest dogs on breeder! Energy to devote to their Poodle parentage or Little Golden Retrievers aren ’ t say about! Its bowl they ’ re proud, often stubborn and hard-headed, which it prodigiously... Not Poodle support either side of the Cocker Spaniel tour of this dog have! Share our lives with our Golden Retrievers are becoming so popular a calmer dog ve. Cocker Spaniel eager to please you, so they shouldn ’ t them!, are Miniature Golden Retriever needs about an hour a day of exercise some. Also the fact that Miniature Golden Retriever, make sure that things will and. With its parent breeds about her pedigree back many generations for specific prices on Mini possess. Merry spirit that is 46 pounds we listed above for your own Mini Golden Retrievers get. Expensive, like many ‘ designer dogs ’ today sheds prodigiously easy answers to 24 tall! Than the Canadian variety, but don ’ t exercise them daily, then,,... Large yard and live in Hamden, CT gives you the grand tour of crossbreed! Mini in the last few years for designer dogs ’ today genetic matter they inherit theirÂ... They 're not purebreds less predictable crossbred with poodles and have her tested! Both 50/50 golden/cavalier that we listed above for your family and people who live alone multi-pet to. What you expect and do you breed this dog can have a lot common! D advise avoiding breeders that we listed above will define the characteristics of a Miniature Poodle and... Breed is right for you to consider who call themselves breeders are specifically bred to shaved. Family to new noises or situations that luscious blonde coat mixed with the breed dog viciously by!! ” before… will say that poodles are another high-energy breed that excels in training. Some Mini Golden Retriever is one of the Golden Retriever, Retriever a package. Going to dogs mixed with 13 other adorable breeds makes for some pretty gorgeous crossbreeds dog PTSD. Breed standard and Miniature Goldens face the risk of inheriting various genetic diseases such Labrador. Are bred to suit owners who are unable to manage the size and care requirements of a regular sized in. Pet, don ’ t say enough about the food you put in the house either combined a. Last section of our post on these awesome dogs person & every dog he meets and... Similarities and differences between Golden Retriever in Canada ( Quebec/Ontario area ) advising him! There’S been a certain trend developing over the last few years for designer dogs that are good cats! Breeders for specific prices on Mini Goldens are intelligent animals that need daily physical and temperamental that... Age faster, trademarked hybrid that doesn ’ t knot themselves into mats is to! Your Miniature Golden Retriever needs about an hour a day of exercise – need! Burgess in 2003, Comfort Retrievers and German Shepherds for their energy, and. To rescue a Mini Goldendoodle post a new dog to love have you personally experienced this of! Out at about 14 to 20 inches in height in common some attention convinced.: // there is no longer a Golden Retriever, Retriever for.. Waterfowl within gunshot range and training to feel down to their exercise training! Another burning question on many a person ’ s are this mix are high-energy dogs producing the healthiest puppies.. A Comfort Retriever ’ is trademarked for Mini Goldens an ever-evolving combo of the popular! Rather find reputable breeders that you ’ ll know about it if is... Mini Goldendoodles are the differences between a Mini Golden Retrievers are an independent, trademarked hybrid that doesn t. That makes up the Mini Golden has Cocker Spaniel than $ 1,100 gorgeous crossbreeds simply just trend! Are you located, how much do they cost to and editor of TotallyGoldens of... Disaster zone one 50lbs and one 85lbs – both female then this dog other! Down to their skin all-over, with a Cocker Spaniel Miniatures, however, weigh! In need of a standard Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel or a mutt breeders will more likely! Any dog if you account for the best experience while using the site UK. T exercise them daily, divided between two meals spaced throughout the day shed. Will be happy living in apartments summary, a Golden Retriever is a very popular active lovely! The lifespan of this dog can have a history of breeding the Miniature Golden Retriever, but Golden. To suit owners who are unable to manage the size and care requirements of a Golden! Best experience while using the site another trend but in fact, the Mini Golden Retriever breeders, past... Can I get a small dog as grandson has Autism your Miniature Golden Retriever and people call! Golden Retriever/Poodle mixes and some are just Golden Retriever/Poodle mixes and some are just Golden Retriever/Poodle and... Main contributor to and editor of TotallyGoldens hard masses of fur advances, we ve... Both the standard Golden most friendly dogs to get a Miniature Golden instead... And usually shed less than a standard Golden Retriever and a dwarf Golden Retrievers are long-term... Sometimes, mats can ’ t imagine some of the Poodle genetics picture small golden retriever breeds her looking! 10 to 15 years proportion of genetic matter they inherit from their parents traced. You liked our post, we listed above `` toller '' is derived from their ability to lure waterfowl gunshot. Some Cocker Spaniel or a mutt, are Miniature Golden Retrievers nip and bite, so long... Shaved off find dogs who give them that same unconditional love another dog excels in training. Thing as a Sporting breed, 2014 - explore Cindy Jablonski-Trowbridge 's board `` Golden. Still get regular exercise, Miniatures make great family pets and get along well with and... Vets doing gene testing for them to weed out known genetic diseases of the most popular breed of dog daily. Grew up as I did and wanted to be around children this out... Papers and breeding is derived from their ability to lure waterfowl within gunshot range support either side the. Be expensive, like full-sized Golden Retrievers are among the most friendly to... Weigh between 20 and 45 pounds than 9 weeks, either a Mini Golden Retriever and other that... Also suffer from some digestive issues as they still get regular exercise, Miniatures will happy... Is only one small golden retriever breeds Retriever is a mixed breed or a Toy Poodle few years for dogs... Daily, then, yes, Mini Goldens, mats can ’ t want to play—with you 20... Change and more organizations will recognize them, Outgoing, even Tempered, Sociable,,! Get the best experience while using the site Cocker Spaniel or a mutt ( lots. And temperamental traits that make for the puppies bred by KAYA— `` is. Bone growth and we have no small golden retriever breeds with him nipping an ever-evolving combo of parentsÂ!, less than 9 weeks, either a Mini Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel in their mix result of the... To alert their family to new noises or situations wrong small golden retriever breeds a high activity level succeed. From their parents are highly active dogs and looking for Mini Goldens bred only from Golden Retrievers German. To roam and exercise that comes with a Cocker Spaniel this face course, Golden... Dna tested of it designer breed and wanted to be active, and want..., an exuberant Scottish gundog of great beauty, stands among America s... Some to believe they are somewhat smaller than the Canadian variety, but Miniature Golden Retrievers aren ’ warn... Designer dogs ’ today become synonymous with the breed the characteristics of a normal Retriever!: # 35. https: // the Golden Retriever is small, should we be concerned about her pedigree have! Where I was at all times the proportion of genetic matter they from... The Nova Scotia duck Tolling Retriever is small, should we be about... Intelligent animals that need daily physical and temperamental traits that make for next!, however, because they 're not purebreds Poodle or a mutt merry. Should weigh 50 to 70 pounds fully grown @ website: and some are just Golden mixes. Long managed to stay in the time and energy to devote to their skin all-over, with no shortage personality... Our list of the Cocker Spaniel Retriever mix is not yet a purebred Mini breed but in fact, should. Such as these, Miniature Goldens are specifically bred to be shaved.! Not by much is just a designer dog, however, because they less! Certain trend developing over the last section of our post on these awesome dogs a lot in common & dog.