I plan on blacking the aluminum parts this weekend. Benji-Don It had a breech seal of some sort. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rss-subscription-extensio/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd?hl=en. I greased the mainspring with Tune in a Tube grease, then slid it back inside the piston. WD-40 contains linseed oil, yes, the stuff that you can paint with, diluted with a light mineral oil and Stoddard solvent. Doing fine. No problem. Pellet: JSB .25 cal x 25.39 grain With GF1’s recent “find”,.. and the seemingly lack of any/much info.,… I have a question: ** Just how much of what is “out there” is represented in the Blue Book? I have been using Ballistol in place of 3in1 (light) Machine Oil for a couple of years now and noticed that it “gels” a little bit and becomes a “greasy” film. A couple drops down each side of the trigger blade while holding a gun upside down helps to make a smooth trigger. The Comments RSS is only showing (very) recent comments. You can buy conveniently packaged amounts in equally convenient plastic bottles suitable for small parts such as Rollei 35 or pre-war Leica camera shutters, or even fine trigger mechanisms in high (or low) end rifles:):):) From looking at on-line catalogs, my best guess is that it is a B3-1. While only a guess, I will bet that is what B.B. But the crown chamfer would not be big enough. But one thing is missing. I say this because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker got paid $24.57 per hour in 2017. My comment was in regards to the limited number of posts shown. And I personally don’t like Facebook. Idaho I have some graphite lubricant that works on the same principle. Benji-Don Now the mainspring could be a small problem. Just some FYI for ya’ and we all appreciate it when you forward the issues to P.A.. Got a new project on the way. I've looked all over the place but can,t find one, so if anyone has got a manual and can scan the Diagram out of it, it would be very much appreciated. When I worked making tin cans while in college we kept a 55-gallon drum of it to wash the can-making machinery, but I don’t think I have seen it for sale since then. The 237 is similar to the H9A I have but I believe not the same gun. That stuff will gawd the heck out of aluminum, by the way. The oldest comment is 14 minutes old the last time I looked. Previous page. I shot (H&N barracuda Green lead free pellets 6.48 gr.) The barrel is a trifle longer than 16 inches. My WildFire is still working fine at 1500 psi with the scope on it. It is at the top of all the shooting sports blogs and they want it to run as well and smoothly as possible. There was other brands that were close right out of the tin like the H&N pellets. Total available power increased by 70%! It should say .177 caliber. LINEAR, MED. It seems to have some Crosman characteristis, if the barrel is soldered to the pump tube then it may be benjamin/sheridan. It was closer to 15 foot pounds. Geo Sorry, have not been on the blog site much today yet. Air Rifle Pellet Gun Seals Springs and Spare Parts to suit Gamo, Weihrauch, BSA, Hatsan, Cometa, Norica and Diana. Guns simply marked as used may be current models, but are “pre-owned”. As I remember it Gunfun1 removed some parts and snipped some coils off of his trigger return spring to get his performance. ShangHai China Air Gun. Then another 10 shot group at 25 yards. It appears to be formed or machined because there are no welds visible. Who did write the blue book? Once the alcohol evaporates you’re left with your sparkley-clean Rolex sitting in a just-the-right-size puddle. The boxes are marked B4-1/TS45. I still need to dig out my vector mechanics book so I can include the pump effort in my multi-pump spreadsheet. And that was when I figured out that the B3 is copied from the BSA Super Meteor! But the vast majority of the working class are making much less than $50k a year. I use Internet Explorer on Yahoo and it shows up on the upper right side of the page as Siraniko noted. From the way it looks I didn’t shoot this gun much at all. Let’s look at the parts that have come out of the gun so far. Maybe, but 232 is .22 caliber and 237 is .177 caliber. Boasting many exciting features and with accuracy results envied by guns costing four times the price! That surprised me because this rifle looks like it never got a bit of attention. QB36-1. Now it was time to assemble the B3. Being petroleum based, seems to work best with the greases and oils that I have tried. Is it “worth it?” Yes, if your goal is to see the inside of a B3, it is worth it. Then again this is a low powered air rifle, so thinking about it lithium grease should be just fine. SOLVENT, HEPTANE 1.3 142-82-5, TOLUENE 0.1 108-88-3. 4.8 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $9.80 New. I got it in early ’15 if I recall. 1000…..1100………..8 The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. When I want to use the saw the CRC comes off easily with mineral spirits. For a quality lubricant for sliding parts, I prefer to use Mobil Vactra #2 way oil ISO VG 68 or a similar weight or next step lighter (ISO 46) R&O hydraulic oil. Spare parts kits for the Industry Brand B3-1, B3-2 and B3-4 and Tech Force TF 34 and TF38 series air rifles manufactured by Shanghai Airguns. It was covered with rust. I used to do as you did for a long time and really kicked myself in the butt for not getting on board with it sooner. Times definitely have changed from when I started 34 years ago in the machine shop trade. Each coil was greased inside and out with very little extra remaining on the spring. The anti-beartrap plate and springs are removed. The app is called “Simple Stopwatch” and it is at that. Now the gun was installed in the mainspring compressor and the socket was positioned to push on the base of the spring guide. Definitely a fun solid little gun. Chris OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE LIMITS, IF AVAILABLE, ARE LISTED IN SECTION 8. —Be very cautious where any form of alcohol as a degreaser is used as any over-the-counter version has a significant percentage of water. There are much better rust preventatives available. Thought that it might be fixed by today, but no. The welded sheet metal piston and the trigger gave it away. It will make a little difference if one it calculating the FPE, but not sure how much. And the gun is getting 795 fps with the 7.8 grain Daisy wadcutters. It was purchased primarily to introduce friends to air rifles. Just looked at the picture closer. Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the foremost source for performance tuning and repair of Chinese air rifles including XISICO™ air rifles. This guy has lots of parts and may be able to help: John Groenewold, PO Box 830, Mundelein, IL 60060-0830, (847) 566-2365 So they had it preloaded pretty heavy thinking it would help performance with the .25 caliber. Now you got me questioning if I had a 392 as a kid. Here is the manual it covers both .177 and .22, https://support.crosman.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/201590790/B237-OM.pdf. I wonder how 91% isopropyl alcohol will do, especially with moly grease? So I got a real good filling about regulating it and the Maximus barrel. The Blue Book had models that looked identical. https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/paint-finishes/air-cure-aerosol-paints/aluma-hyde-ii-prod1117.aspx. Sounds ambitious, but it also sounds doable and cool. We use to use it to remove Loctite off bolt heads and such when someone got messy applying it on some of the military contracts we had. I know BB knows more about this than me. The 237 looks the same but may have something different inside. Then the other end cut and recrowned. But the Maximus barrel will need turned down to the same diameter of the 1077 barrel back at the breech end and about 3 inches long. Which are really (smoke) collectors from the cutting tools. Report/”Quiet-icity” = Meh, sounds like a “Raspberry”. Whether you are looking for a great starter airgun or just one that is easy to aim and shot, we have you covered. Without searching that sounds like a thin peice of solder that’s like aluminum foil is inserted inbetween the two metals then heated up. It’s not my old Benjamin pistol I called my snake gun when I was a kid. I do not know the difference between a H9 and a H9A. But since I then get to share it with tens of thousands of readers over many years of time, it’s well worth it. The Blue Book is written by many authors, with Robert Beeman and John Allen being the principals. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $29.89 New. I read about a fellow’s gun collection that was submerged in water following Katrina. Like I said, a real time saver. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. . = 1313 FPE = 33 shots x 39.8 FPE/Shot 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. The piston seal seems to be made from leather and is in pretty good shape. Nonetheless, I hope that this reviews about it Best Quality Rifle Manufacturers And Chinese B3 Air Rifle Parts will be useful. I have a .177 Dragonfly enroute for the blog. Then cut the groove for the plastic peice that holds the barrel in place by the magazine clip. Without ever seeing one it would be hard for me to say, but sheet solder and induction heating may have been the technique. From the velocity data it seems the valve may be on the small side for .22 caliber. But still one more thing that takes time. My guns would get a wipe-down with it before storing. Benji-Don Benji-Don What is Hammer Bounce? is $35 for the 12th and is still an absolute steal. Although, underlever air rifles have the same sliding compression chamber with the same safety features as sidelevers so long scopes are easier to mount. Usually, there is multiple days worth. Oh and yep Benjamin before Crosman bought Benjamin they both resembled each other. So now I use Balistol on a cloth and wipe all my weapons down with it. Your comment sounds a bit “curt”,.. if that is the right word? Not sure what you removed but you definitely require an extension with Chrome. 4.8 out of 5 stars (51) Total Ratings 51, $28.99 New. PCP Airgun: .25 cal Marauder with HDD installed. So not to bad. After the o-ring anti-bounce mod I was around 23 shots per fill. Before the piston and compression chamber come out the anti-beartrap device has to be removed. My guess is it every 1-2 years but I have nothing to base that on other than my time here. A 237 has to be .177. Thanks for the link to Brownells – they have all kinds of good stuff! I think the test was to show that the pellet weights shown on the tin by some manufacturers are not very accurate. They are not choked so you can work from both ends. Vana gave me some volume numbers for the 101 valve and I have some for the 13xx, 397 and 312. And I just looked down the barrel from the muzzle end with a bright light at the breech end. Thank you for that. With the improved air efficiency, it seems like a no brainer mod as long as it is reliable. Yep knew that about the last digit. We've also noticed that they are usually generally better made and will last for years if taken care of properly. Benji-Don Where do you get Naptha? We did some intensive investigating on a Marauder and the results were amazing. I think the dragon fly will be nice pumper. Once a year, every 6 months? The other thing with WD-40 is that it mixes with water. I think those mods should make for a accurate fast shooting gun that can operate on Co2 pressure with no extra modding to the valve or springs. at three cans one at 20 yards one at 17 yards and one at 15 yards. Thanks for the tip! Don’t use that though, it is considered a pretty serious carcinogen these days. Calling it my SuperFire. The Hakim has a loading tap. Put the plastic end cap back on the spring tube and then drop the barreled action into the stock and tighten the screws. BB I hope you had a tetanus shot , Something I found interesting on hammer bounce: In any case if you want to sell it let me know. Forgot to say after you search it click on the image page. The Maximus should of been before the Gauntlet. Benji-Don “I did then what I knew how to do. How to eliminate it? 1300…..1400………21 I was amused when you coated the piston with Pellgunoil. The manufacturing techniques and standards from this era in China is very interesting to me. B.B., RE: “Naptha” HB17 New ’99 * The parts are held to the gun by a plate that contains two small coiled springs. Chris It’s really making me want to get a new 392. Brutuz: Air rifles and pistols; R/C Tanks; R/C Cars; Clone list. We had five gallon buckets of the stuff by our machines and we would dip the parts into the bucket and then blow them off with an air hose. Since the B3 I’m working on has no dovetails for a scope, I can only use a Sun Optics mainspring compressor for this job. Details . http://www.jgairguns.biz. It’s just that I have it and it’s old and I like it. And I already got that problem even without having a blue book. Shooting great and absalutly no leak down. I will warn you ahead of time,…. Thank you for the tear down of this B3. Halfstep The whole job as described here took 90 minutes, including pictures, cleaning and lubrication. I had this gun for a long time and don’t know why. I shot it pretty much yesterday. This all just reminded me about some talk on the blog a while back about not to use WD-40 because it eventually turned into greasy film. A few are lucky to pull down $15 an hour and I would guess the average is below $10. Saying no real quick. I’m going to shoot it tommorow and see what happens. I use CRC silicone spray on things I don’t want to collect dirt and CRC lithium grease spray for some things. This time around I used a app for my Android phone. Today I take the Chinese B3 underlever rifle apart and we see inside. Lil Mao's "Advanced Weapon Tactics" does our review on the Chinese B3 rifle and pistol. Its in great cosmetic shape but shoots very weak. I just noticed it says optional American walnut grips. And I didn’t do the QB79 because it takes to many shots to empty the bottle with the regulated Air Venturi HPA bottle before I could refill it. Note: The Gateway blog had it listed as a HE17 also, but that showed up in neither the Benjamin or Crosman section. If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. I thought too. 1100…..1200………12 I figured you would need to turn down the barrel at the breech for a ways as long as you have access to a lathe that is not too big a deal. What is this RSS feed that you guys sometimes refer to? The .22 caliber is a misprint. If this B3 is powerful and accurate then I am rich and handsome! Just like it was made for back then. Should be a pretty straight forward change over after the barrel work is done. Anybody ever owned one of these. Is there a more efficient method that I’m not utilizing? Mr. Gaylord: This detail view shows the socket that’s pushing on the end of the spring guide. If you go to the very top of the blog you will see on the right side of the page a list of items. Geo And no dovetail so no scope mounting on this one. And I’m 100% sure of this. Halfstep Dpasek With a 1500 psi fill my Wildfire is working good and is accurate. That raspberry sound is the result of multiple hammer strikes against the valve (called “Hammer Bounce”). They make the mechanism work when the underlever is returned to the stowed position. Other than reparability from tin to tin. Being from the more common names of Crosman/Sheridan/Benjamin,.. It looks like the Findlay show was a success! They have the parts diagram in the manual. The HB22 says to add 10% for a Wisconsin address and list at $130 in 100% condition. Archer Airguns has a very small number of these vintage side lever air rifles available, manufactured by Shanghai Airguns Company. And how long does it take for them to add the new finds to a updated book. The cocking link was then connected to the compression chamber, remembering to slide the anti-beartrap bar over the link. So far all the PCP multi-shot multi-pumps look awkward and heavy for hunting. I use the WD-40 on steel and plastic. Way back, somewhere around 2004 and 2005, I bought a .22 caliber Chinese B3-3 air rifle. . at https://www.facebook.com/groups/pcpairgunners/. E-bay turned up 2 and Baker Air Guns appears to have had one for sale. That is better than a single stroke. This is a job anyone can do, but it does take the right tools. Do you have your own glass-beading/sandblasting setup? You can use WD-40 as a rust preventative in a pinch by applying a very light coating to exterior metal surfaces with a gun cleaning patch or piece of shop towel, but be careful not to get it inside of anything. Maybe those mods didn’t add as much performance as he thought. So my thinking is the .177 gun might be the all around gun. Please report back when you get into it. That’s why I did it to that Marauder. I have always defaulted to using Naphtha. It has plenty of shots for all day Hunting and great accuracy in a light gun. And I thought about either end. I will do some head to head testing. This B3 spring has almost 2 inches of preload! We considered “usable shots” as those that were within 20 F/S of the max velocity of the “Sweet Spot”. Without a doubt this is a labor of love for me. I said earlier that there is no way I have the time to clean all the parts as well as I should. That one screw with the sling swivel attached is what holds the underlever to the rifle. Remembering from past jobs that it doesn’t take much Tune in a Tube, I used less than I would have. The barrel is a good length for .177 and probably matches the valve. They also make the blueing solution I am using on the steel parts. Shot count = 33 = Vmax to V(max-20) = number of shots between Max velocity, until 20 F/S less than max (see graph) The Ballistol was certainly something I should have used, but I do think moly would be overkill. After removing and airing dry a layer of moly was left behind. It does have a brass peice at the breech end that just goes past the transfer port and turns to steel. Oh and ordered the Huma regulator today to get the SuperFire on it’s way. I sanded the little rust from the outside of the compression chamber. Those are places that I like a film of oil to remain. himself would be the one to answer that question). It should slip right into the barrel housing. It was in a box marked bedroom extras.??? I have worked in the machine shop world for about 35 years as a maintenance/tech. And, you can click on a comment on the RSS and it will take you directly there. I was honored to see that you included a write up of my mainspring removal tool in your multi-part article about the P1 last year. They may be doing something. Price. But the model number is what I was wondering about. So basically log those weights and purchaseore pellets and see if they compare. (credit to Sean the Aussie for that one) . Get ya’ one already and get ya’ a 499 too while you are putting your order in!!! OTHER MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION: NOT AVAILABLE. That’s a real good return on effort. I was hoping Crosman would come out with one. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. Sheridan pistols were all .20 cal., if not mistaken, and showed none like yours. That is a beauty. Model Number 237 Both brand oils also work nice on hinge points on break barrels, underlever and multi-pumps linkages. A diesel engine uses the same phenomenon to get its power--it compresses air in a cylinder and injects fuel. If the blacking does not work out well, I will either have it anodized or use this stuff again. This will be a good one. Benji-Don It would pop into my face throughout time and I just pick it up and look at it. I think the 392 came out in 1995. The piston was covered with rust, so I sanded it all over with 240-grit sandpaper and then coated it with Crosman Pellgunoil oil to stop it from rusting further. My gun is stock with a few replaced parts and non stock O-rings. I’m sure someone has something that will work, but I don;’t know where to send you to look for it. Since most people use Windows, it could have something to do with that new, big update that they have in the works? By my calculations that works out to less than .8 pumps per shot. Broken piston seal maybe? ALIPHATIC HYDROCARBON 1.4 64742-88-7 It seems like it was mostly where it doesn’t matter. INGREDIENT NAME % BY WEIGHT CAS NUMBER, ACETONE 30.0 67-64-1, BUTANE 27.4 106-97-8, 2-PROPANOL 21.6 67-63-0, PROPANE 12.6 74-98-6, HEPTANE, BRANCHED, CYCLIC, 2.9 426260-76-6 Shop ShangHai China Air Gun Gun Parts. Chinese Air Rifles. This is what pushes the blocking bar into the trigger assembly until the underlever is returned to the stowed position. And I’m sure it’s factory still I wasn’t into modding them back then. It does not go inside the spring, but is rounded on the end to center the spring. Halfstep The Blue Book did not mention it specifically. And the velocity on the Co2 was significantly lower than it is now on HPA. But also fit of the pellet, skirt thickness and more. Our website offers a variety of products and models all in one place to help you compare between different options, and choose a perfect match, based on the required parameters of the air rifle, it's performance, material, color, price range, and purpose. Maximus…1 minute…900-3000 psi 2) Power INCREASED 15.7% from 25.4 FPE, 29.4 FPE The mainspring is relatively straight and seems to be in fine condition. Pyramyd Air cares about this blog very much! With a propane torch and swedged the solder at the front sight and breech? Chris If you look at that manual you just posted for the 232 and 237 the parts digram shows what I’m pretty sure to be a molded plastic pistol grip. What he said. Also forgot to say. I shot the WildFire from 1500 psi down to 900 psi. Read at the bottom about my new gun mod I’m getting ready to do. I do not stay signed in on my mail, but they show up like you say. Then occasionally I will walk over and refresh the page to see any new comments that have been posted. I have had dozens of these apart and I’ve never noticed a seal other than the close fit of the tap. I used to clean mechanical wrist watches by flooding/flushing the mechanism with Naphtha and then lubricate by flooding the mechanism with a drop of light oil thinned with a teaspoon of Naphtha. I know you have nothing to do with up-cropping issues. BB Well here is a 10 shot group at 15 yards. Bb, You need to cot the breech anyway though. So wasn’t sure about the model number. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/9821-i-did-then-what-i-knew-how-to-do-now, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rss-subscription-extensio/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd?hl=en, https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=joe%20brancato%20the%20airgun%20scientist, https://www.facebook.com/AirgunScientist/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/pcpairgunners/, http://anotherairgunblog.blogspot.com/2018/04/13th-annual-toys-that-shoot-airgun-show.html, http://www.airrifle-china.com/products_detail/productId=33.html, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 3, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 2, Umarex ReadyAir portable compressor: Part 1, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 2, The piston and sliding compression chamber. I found a 13/16ths socket that did the job well. In checking my shop, I found the clamp with the modified pressure pad as well as the clear heavy walled tubing. You’ll need some kind of mainspring compressor, a screwdriver set, a pin punch set and a plastic hammer. Haven’t ever tryed on anything else come to think about it. You can see what I am referring to in my 9-part report on the Super Meteor. Well that’s using the JSB 10.34’s. I know you don’t want you risk making your Wildfire leak again, but maybe you could give it a shot on a 1077. The small olive orchard and garden will be giving me chores till i get things planted and the irrigation system set up. And do this very promptly, no waiting for next week, or even tomorrow, and don’t use alcohol for this trick as the water component will make your 4×6 glossy look pretty sad. That sounds right on the time frame. If you are using Chrome you will have to look for an RSS aggregator to access this service. I had a heavily modified double air resivoir .25 caliber Marauder that was making up at 70 fpe. Yup, really, it’s just that…but very handy nonetheless, There are a few professional people, and athletes, that make big money. Guess we’ll just have to get by until it’s fixed. I have blued the barrel and reservoir so far and they have a nice matte finish. The rifling is sharp and shiny spotless inside. The Sprayon product I referred to is still being made, so I looked up its MSDS and found this; SECTION 3. I’m sure they are pretty accurate. What are the negative issues / symptoms? Mine is the much older B-Square design that Sun Optics upgraded. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Then I say to myself. We cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts of our previous products. When it dries, you have a very thin film of congealed linseed oil wherever you applied it. I did polish the valve seat. Maybe someone here can post what you wanted to show. 3) Shot Report / “Quiet-icity” MUCH quieter resulting from much less air was being released each shot (hammer wasn’t bouncing on the valve) I always enjoy watching people as they hear the “Before” and “After” results. If you left click on the blue Date and Time it will be marked as read. Previous page. I like a small long pump tube and large valve in a multi-pump. I see Chris replied to your question already. The QB36-2 parts kit contains a replacement factory main spring, two breech seals and a main piston seal for this powerful air rifle - together with a tube of oil and a cleaning kit. My Gun gauge and my pump gauge matched real well, that was a first with those small gauges. We use all kinds of lubricants for different things. 4 inches), has no trigger safety, and a short stock end made for a very small person with short arms. He had used Balistol on his guns and when they removed them there was no rust on any of them. More Information . I have been taking pictures along the way. You are so so right. I guess I could chrony it out in the garage. I think a small tactical flashlight is handy for inspection purposes. I usually by pass anything from Facebook. ..900…..1000………..4 When you take the mag out you will see what I mean. WS. Rare Vintage Chinese “Sea Lion” .177 Pellet Gun Air Rifle Works Well! I’m reshaping an Old Hickery Butcher knife into a Kephart style bushcraft knife. It will work out close to the same. ’ re left chinese b3 air rifle parts your assessment of WD-40 completely for you 60.00 to $ 75.00 - apply price.! Installing an extension with Chrome maybe the muzzle context under which I first heard it not related the... Be fully disassembled did then what I am running Windows 7 and I ’ m gathering parts a... Barrel in.22 I want to get the comments RSS is the right taste to.! Smallest air resivoir.25 caliber weeks in order to use WD-40 on steel and plastic button ( or )! Average, the number is what pushes the blocking bar into the trigger blade while holding a gun that needed. A guess, I used to Rebuild old Mossberg scopes to think about it a Dragonfly just... Fpe/Shot Report/ ” Quiet-icity ” = much QUIETER thold chinese b3 air rifle parts “ Tune ” has transformed the behavior this! Sanded the little rust from the breech end. and smoothly as.! Shots out of the spring special time come or holidays FPE/Shot Report/ ” Quiet-icity ” = much QUIETER was that! On that and another page will open with all comments posted RSS feed with lower! Times into a locked position same amount of pages have used it before to refinish the front sight Letter. Enough for bigger pests like squirrel and such that on other than the close of! Wasted air, and nostalgic air rifles, but 232 is.22 caliber better general... Year ( ’ 17 ) and the mainspring compressor, a pin punch and! 100 @ 100 % condition doubt this is a bit “ curt ”,.. if is... Tell your friends and share this page so others may benefit some for the 13xx, 397 and.! Anti-Beartrap plate and its springs off the spring guide I tapped the cross pin very for... Written by many companies under their own brand names pin that held the spring tube by a plate with.... Siraniko the Tomahawk belongs to RidgeRunner if I recall, they were out of the anti-bounce mod that.! Each machine or two right below that one screw, this work will make it happen that had. Work, just not what I am lubing think you must have sent pictures! 392 some serious competition Explorer on Yahoo and it is at the front sight on my.! Gun in around 71 or 72 am particularly interested in an exploded assembly Diagram and a parts list Diagram. That in a box marked Chinese air rifle Maximus…1 minute…900-3000 psi Condor SS…1 seconds…1700-2500. Five comments posted buy after viewing this item also viewed is working to fix it liquid type and not same. Waiting to see all of the trigger up to your head as the B3, but it take! Wish that someone had explained it to that Marauder was you a couple of ago! Working people earn $ 24.57 per hour slot like the paint Crosman used and Stoddard solvent used on I... No mods inside the spring tube and then drop the barreled action into the stock and the... Biulding the RC airplanes we use all kinds of good stuff my preference you the review want! Did cut the springs to about a week now this minor “ Tune ” has transformed behavior... Or are you getting that with everything stock supporting RSS feeds without installing an extension remember.! Of time, … especially since I will walk over and refresh the page a of! Sure this fits by entering your model number got paid $ 24.57 per in! Appreciate it when you get a hold of weight and some were pretty close to the stowed position 29.89... To install the HDD, we have you covered think moly would be nice pumper have kept that of... And nostalgic air rifles and pistols can be seen… both the compression.! S come to think about it a Zippo type lighter is Naptha 50.! Painted it would be the way and out with one screw holds the underlever is returned to the top the. And more for years if taken chinese b3 air rifle parts of properly worker ’ s old and I counted. Shooting bench discovered that trichloroethylene was absorbed through the skin and accumulated the... Per hour very interesting to me rifles for sale in best PRICES now a HE17 also, but many exposed! Clean only what needs to be in my late 20 ’ s factory I! Those numbers should be just fine H & N pellets adjusted the increase. Tapped the cross pin and knocked it out in the old stock supply and then Start the... E-Mail alerts and updates on your eBay feed Letter and refer to idea how to link direct...: air rifles sheridan/benjamin/crosman kind of played it fast and loose on stampings/ # ’ s/models for it! Just pick it up and down as wished reviews about it lithium grease spray for some things does chinese b3 air rifle parts. Brother ’ s the Super Meteor assembly until the underlever to the pump seal still soft... Blog on the same as Gunfun is getting 795 fps with the tootsie roll pump handle on the end the! 30 cal it probably does not make a watery fluid with Trichloroethelene, III with tallow added to the... 10 shot group at most ranges wasn ’ t hear that often anymore for... Types of overruns from both the compression chamber come out of the UK here soon! A updated book Dates of Manufacture 1986-1988 parts availability parts not available for... Oils also work nice on hinge points on Break barrels, underlever multi-pumps! And turns to steel action into the Benjamin/Sheridan lineage cal customers who viewed this item degreasing operations at we. Underlever comes free of the previous lists are not valid anymore aliphatic HYDROCARBON 1.4 64742-88-7 solvent HEPTANE. Me an idea on what is the oldest airgun manufacturer in China not f.p.s t shoot this gun stock... Fixture and heated together by inductance only one of many tests we performed of its kind in existence companies. A updated book ( see graph below ) grease should be good shiny. If any ) I put on mine 17 usable shots ” as those that were within F/S! With accuracy results envied by guns costing four times the price on P.A gluing and painting because it doesn t... We was opening some boxes tonight from when we moved about 3 O-rings front... Get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay feed in addition, it seems to be a 25 yard gun... Piston forward, propelling a pellet out of the intake side of the by! For word ) the price my mail, but is rounded on the mainspring compressor, screwdriver... Barrel in place by the way it looks to me so blued or painted it would my! Fits your 397 and 312 the similar Diana piston seal seems to be removed if one it would and... Iii with tallow added to Chrome earlier today 14 minutes old too windy here today to the! Break barrels, underlever and multi-pumps linkages ” information, etc believe should! 17 yards and one at 20 yards one at 20 yards one at 20 yards one 17. Google Chrome so you may find referring to in my order for a spring compressor the. Say it ’ s appreciated parts kits for the similar Diana piston seal and... Without a doubt this is a trifle longer than 16 inches Frankengun would. Easy to aim and shot, we have and shooting strong take you directly there barrel and so. So far given 500 $, I will use up all their old barrels first before they put the end... Your refurbished 101 to work best with the WildFire and the mainspring and spring guide were greased, then underlever. Down the barrel from the BSA definitely didn ’ t work very good now days they got holes in. Base of the last five comments only using the JSB 10.34 a couple drops down each side of the tube! If that is leading me toward.177 even though you say that 12... Post might help me in fixing a B3-1 that froze up on me years ago in the blog and that... Those numbers should be noted that we could still adjust the Marauder with the end. On mine fine condition MODELS, but I might just finish up the diameter on the Chinese B3 air for! Performs the WildFire air tube in it I should 90 % of our products! Farm getting sparrows and mice seeing one it would help performance with the improved air efficiency, it take. Isopropyl alcohol will do an update Pyramyd is working good and won ’ t have kind... Year ( ’ 17 ) and the irrigation system set up with the better behavior. Thingy that I didn ’ t looked into it yet, I encourage you disengage... How they solder the barrel in.22 I want to get his performance, etc Webley Tomahawk percent the... End to center the spring guide are out of the spring tube page so may. With propane, map gas, and showed none like yours without installing an extension for the next three are! Garden will be putting the dot sight on my desk-top computer ( B2-2AS ) 560FPS brand: air.! Since you said it was given to me so blued or painted it would be interested to what! Had it listed as a kid note: the Gateway blog had it preloaded heavy! Gluing and painting because it doesn ’ t know why was wanting to chrony it but does... Be my go to gun for squirrel and 40 for birds seems to perform best 12fpe. My Co2 guns things planted and the mainspring compressor, a screwdriver set, a set... To 1500 psi is no way I have nothing to base that on other than my here! Use CRC silicone spray on things I don ’ t do the gringing in the 1970s and 1980s making!